Message from the Director:
Rev. MarJoe Wooten

We invite you to visit and experience the life changing power of the gospel in action.

We  have wonderful staff working here tirelessly at the Mission.  Giving of themselves to those who are less fortunate.  We appreciate their dedication and their fortitude in their labors.  Pray for them.  Write them a word of encouragement.  We thank God for each of them.

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Fort Myers Rescue Mission
6900 Mission Lane
Fort Myers, Fl 33916
Rev MarJoe Wooten, Director

A Christ Centered-Faith Based Mission
The Fort Myers Rescue Mission Staff:
Rev Patricia Wooten came from a sinners' home, but had some ladies in her church that were interested in her.  They helped her go to Ky Mountain Bible Institute, where she met her husband.  She has labored with her husband in the pastorates, especially the last one in Lexington, Ky, Pilgrim Holiness Church.  She has pastored 2 churches. She is part of the Pastoral Staff, preaching, teaching, counselling, and doing devotionals.
Rev Ledger is on the Pastoral Staff here at the Mission.  He was among the first residents at the Mission when it first started.  He came in as a druggie and hippie; but, God penetrated his darkened heart and saved him.  He preaches, teaches, does devotionals, and counsels each of the residents once a month.  God has greatly used him in doing deputation in the many churches to help raise support for the mission.
Rev Jerome McFarland, is on the Pastoral Ministry staff.  Jerome came here as a resident about 7 years ago.  God got hold of his heart and saved him.  He worked as a Dorm Captain.  He then was asked to do devotionals for the men.  As time progressed he began preaching at the mission and doing Bible Studies. He was ordained 2016 through the God's Missionary Church.  He carries a great responsibility at the Mission.
Stephen Short is our Dining Hall/Kitchen Manager and Purchasing Agent.  Stephen came here as a resident about 7 years ago.  He felt like this is where God wanted him.  Stephen does devotionals for the men, leads our prayer meetings and moderates on the platform for the many different church services we have.  He is a prayer warrior.
Robert Kapernick is the Head of our Security Dept.   Our Security force is on duty 24 hours a day, they do random drug/alcohol testing and monthly testing as well, and is the liaison between the office staff and dorm captains.  Robert keeps the paperwork up to date and on file for all the men that pass through our doors here at the Mission.  Robert also, goes out with our local deputational teams and speaks, giving his testimony.  He is an invaluable part of the staff here at the Mission.
Rev MarJoe Wooten comes to the Mission with pastoral experience behind him.  He has been preaching since the age of 15 and pastoring churches in Indiana, Michigan, and Kentucky.  God led him to the Fort Myers Rescue Mission in 2012 with a desire to give the Gospel and a message of hope to the men at the Mission.  He has counseled the men directing them to know what God can do in their lives.  He became Director of the Mission in 2015.  He has increased the dorms to accommodate more men.  The Mission now is housing 84 men.  He works for the benefit of the Mission and the men.
Mrs Cindy Ledger is working as office helper, answering phones, mailing letters.  She came from Easley, SC, where she worked as a nurse for 20+ years.  She was involved in her church's bus ministry and children's church for 21 years.  God started a new chapter in her life when she married  Rev. Philip Ledger in Nov. 2013.  Mrs. Ledger is working in the office answering phones, data entry and general office duties.  She also helps with devotionals in the 5:00 p.m. service for the non-residents.  She is happy to be part of the ministry for the homeless and needy at the Fort Myers Rescue Mission.
I was saved November 18,1978 at O'toole, WV in a country church revival meeting the same night my husband was saved. We were sanctified together, baptized together, now God has kept us together for nearly 41 years of marriage. Since I got saved, my work has primarily been mother, home maker, and pastor's wife. During our years of ministry, I have enjoyed teaching Sunday school, working in the Christian Day school, doing Junior Church, entertaining guests in our home and the parsonage, as well as being a help mate for my husband's ministry by visitation and counseling with him. I desire to be of service while we are here at the FMRM and will do my best in whatever capacity I am called upon to serve.

By the mercy of God, on November 18, 1978, Jesus Christ was made real to me, and saved my unworthy soul. This single event changed the direction of my life from that time forward. I was baptized the next April, and sanctified sometime thereafter.  I received my call to preach on November 6, 1983.  Early in 1984, by faith, I went full time in the ministry. I have been affiliated with the FMRM for nearly 25 years and have been the Bible teacher at the annual camp meeting for nearly that many. I love the work here, and have a great desire  to see it go forward for the glory of God, and the salvation of the men who come here for help.  So whether by prayer, by preaching, by teaching, by counseling, by witnessing- my desire is to be used of God to point men, women, and children to Jesus Christ and help them find salvation through Him alone.